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  1. Introduction
  2. Tanzania Governance
  3. NM-AIST Organization
  4. NM-AIST Council

Being a public institution, the organization structure of NM-AIST (depicted in Fig. 3) is fairly generic. It comprises a Chancellor who is the head of the institution, a Governing Council which is the highest policy organ, a Vice Chancellor who is the chief executive officer and is assisted by two deputies. The institution is designed to rest on four structural pillars, namely: schools, departments and research chairs for teaching and learning, and research and innovations; and an ICT Resource Centre to ensure efficiency of internal operations and easy connection to the international community to facilitate tapping into the wealth of knowledge and expertise at global level. Two other structural pillars are being developed, namely: an ECO Park to facilitate harnessing of the immense bio-diversity of plants, animals and microbes, starting with a medicinal research garden at the start-up Tengeru campus; and technology-cum-business incubators to stimulate and catalyze the development and growth of the local industry. The organization structure provides for access to advisory services from regional and international bodies, and the establishment of international advisory committees for the various fields handled by NM-AIST. In addition to the Council, NM-AIST has two other main organs at institutional level, namely; the Senate, and the Board of Trustees for its Endowment Fund for Excellence.

Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan,
The President of The United Republic of Tanzania

Hon. Dr. Phillip Mpango
Vice-President of Tanzania

Hon. Kassim Majaliwa Majaliwa,
Prime Minister of Tanzania


Hon. Mr. Omari Issa,
Chancellor of NM-AIST

Prof. Joseph Rwegasira Buchweishaija, Chairman of NM-AIST Council

Prof. Maulilio John Kipanyula,
Vice chancellor of NM-AIST

Prof. Anthony M. Mshandete,
Deputy Vice Chancellor -Academic Research and Innovation
Prof. Suzana Augustino,
Deputy Vice Chancellor Planning, Finance and Administration


The Governing Council of NM-AIST was constituted in 2012, and it is the highest decision-making organ for the University. In undertaking its oversight role, the Council has provided guidance to the Management and staff of the Institution throughout the year and ensured that the goals and objectives of NM-AIST are implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Charter and other relevant national laws.

Since its establishment and during the reporting period, NM-AIST has continued to implement its core mandates of training Master's and PhD students, research and innovation, and public service and outreach. During this period, the Council has continued to strengthen the governance and organizational environment of the Institution through approval of various administrative instruments and operational policies including the Staff Training and Development Policy (2014) and Research and Innovation Agenda (2014). Preparation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy, Library Policy, Laboratory Management Policy, Public Engagement Policy and Intellectual Property Policy was initiated and the policies are in advanced stages of preparation. Also, during this period, all Committees of the Council, that is, Senate, Finance Planning and Development Committee, Appointments and Human Resources Management Committee, Audit Committee and Students' Affairs Committee continued to execute their oversight roles for the institution.


(i)Prof. Joseph Rwegasira BuchweishaijaChairman
(ii) Prof. Lughano J.M. KusilukaVice Chairman
(iii) Prof. Maulilio J. KipanyulaEx- Officio Member
(v) Prof. Anthony M. MshandeteEx- Officio Member
(vi)Prof. Suzana AugustinoEx- Officio Member
(vii) Mr. Cyril ChimililaMember
(viii)Dr. Neema KassimMember
(ix) Mr. Sylivester K. MbuyaMember
(x) Mr. Zabron JanesMember
(xi) Mr. Mdoe Mwamnyange Member
(xii)Adv. Mathias Dominick SafariSecretary

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