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The NM-AIST hosts the Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Incubation Centre through the African Centre for Research, Agricultural Advancement, Teaching Excellence and Sustainability (CREATES).

The centre is one of the four regional incubators started and supported by the Inter Universities Council for East Africa (IUCEA) with grants from the World Bank. It focuses on 4 main thematic areas: (i) Agriculture, (ii) Food and Nutrition Security, (iii) Biodiversity and the Environment, and (iv) Health with ICT. Entrepreneurship is the backbone drivers of all 4 thematic areas.

The centre is aimed at testing products in real life environments as it is working with commercially viable entities to launch companies and products into the national, regional and international market.

It also intends to offer young innovators/inventors and entrepreneurs a wide range of business development services including business idea analysis and diagnostics, mentorship, product/prototypes development and registration services, work station provisions, specialised trainings, market access, pitching and networking activities, among others.


1. Dr. Never Zakaya
Mentor: Mathew Ngwahi
Innovation: Vuruga Bio-pesticide

2. Angela Mkindi
Mentor: Prof. Anna Treydte
Innovations: Bio-pesticide for storage and promotion of legume growth

3. Christina Charles
Mentor: Prof. Hulda Swai
Innovation: Omega 3 DHA Superfood

4. Jofrey Raymond
Mentors: Prof. Jerman Rose, Prof. Morris Agaba, Dr.Askwar Hilonga
Innovations: Nutrano, SimBar

5. Shakila Mshana
Mentor: John Kyaruzi
Innovations: Digital Farming Mobile App

6. Michael Nkotagu
Mentor: Sabine Moebs
Innovation: Anti-plagiarism software

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