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The Quality assurance Unit (QAU) at NM-AIST aims at systematic monitoring and evaluation of learning and teaching and the processes that support them, to make sure that the standards of academic awards meet the stakeholders’ expectations, and that the quality of the student learning experience is being safeguarded and improved. The QAU aims at checking that the academic standards and quality of higher education provision meet agreed expectations of the various stakeholders. Through establishment of a quality assurance system, an institution can guarantee with confidence and certainty, that the standards and quality of its educational provision are being maintained and enhanced.
QAU systems and operations ensure that the academic quality including the learning, teaching and assessment, and all the different resources and processes the institution puts in place to help students progress and fulfil their potential, and as stipulated in the quality assurance framework of the degree awarding institution, are maintained. The academic standards are set by the qualification awarding body and include standards of performance that the student needs to demonstrate to achieve a particular classification of qualification e.g. first-class, distinction or merit, etc. Academic standards also describe levels of attainment against which performance may be measured.
In order to attain the world-class status that it endeavours, NM-AIST requires to continuously implements its core mandates with quality enhancement in mind. Quality enhancement entails that all the operations in the institution are implemented in such a manner that they provide for a continuous and positive improvement in the quality. To achieve this, the QAU have embraced a quality culture, that is, the creation of a high level of internal institutional quality assessment mechanisms and the ongoing implementation of the results. Maintenance of a quality culture by the QAU ensure that the institution progressively embeds quality assurance in all of its day-to-day operations instead of relying on periodic assessment of the quality of operations, products and services.

Rationale of Quality Assurance Unit
In line with the University Qualification Framework (UQF) developed by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), NM-AIST, like other universities in Tanzania, is subject to quality assessment, which refers to the process of external evaluation undertaken by an external body of the quality of educational provisions in institutions in order to qualify for accreditation of its programmes and to continue implementing its core functions. Therefore, in order to ensure that quality assurance matters at NM-AIST are properly coordinated and the institution continually develops and maintain good quality outputs (products and services), QAU is responsible for the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the quality of all operations at the Institution

Functions of the Quality Assurance Unit
The functions of the Quality Assurance Unit are as follows:
(i) To set performance standards regarding academic delivery, research and innovation, public service and outreach for NM-AIST staff, students and partners.
(ii) To monitor and evaluate the quality of academic delivery, research and innovation, public service and outreach activities implemented by NM-AIST staff, students and partners.
(iii) To monitor and evaluate the quality and adequacy of facilities used for academic delivery, research and innovation, public service and outreach activities by NM-AIST staff, students and partners in meeting the set quality standards.
(iv) To coordinate the preparation of quality assurance monitoring instruments of the Institution including guidelines, procedures manuals, checklists and related instruments.
(v) To coordinate the formulation and implementation of the quality assurance policy and strategies for implementation of the quality assurance matters at the Institution.
(vi) To coordinate and support institutional- and programme self-assessment activities as well as external assessment and audit missions at the Institution.
(vii) To devise data collection procedures, collect, compile and analyse statistical quality data, and prepare reports on quality trends and recommendations for improvement in the quality assurance system
(viii) To collect, compile and analyse data from self-assessment, and external assessment or audit reports as well as prepare reports and recommendations for streamlining quality assurance activities at the Institution.
(ix) To analyse quality assurance reports generated from NM-AIST’s operations including student’s evaluation, staff evaluation external, external examiners’ reports and other such reports and identify issues that require the attention of various offices within the institution for appropriate actions.
(x) To identify quality assurance training needs and organize training interventions for staff and students in order to meet and maintain the required quality standards.
(xi) To appraise clients’ needs and investigate customer complaints and non-conformance issues, review the implementation and efficiency of quality assurance systems and develop, recommend and monitor corrective and preventive actions.
(xii) To prepare reports for communicating outcomes of quality activities to NM-AIST’s clients, stakeholders and the general public.
(xiii) To monitor all operations that affect quality in the implementation of the mission and vision of the Institution and ensure compliance with quality and industry regulatory requirements.
(xiv) To provide liaison services with the Tanzania Commission for Universities, regional and global higher educational regulatory bodies as well as partner institutions on quality assurance matters.
(xv) To perform any other functions deemed important for promoting and maintain a robust quality assurance system at NM-AIST.


The Quality Assurance Unit at NM-AIST is headed by head who is appointed by the Vice Chancellor. The head-QAU assisted by Quality Assurance Officers and work directly with all other units in the Institution to ensure that they adhere to agreed quality standards. In order to ensure that quality assurance issues are mainstreamed in all the day-to-day functions of the Institution, there is a Quality Assurance coordinator in each of the major units of the institution including Schools, units, Directorates, Centres, Administrative and Technical Departments. Quality assurance functions in Academic Departments is coordinated through the Schools.

  Prof. Athanasia matemu
Head - QAU
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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