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The University of Glasgow paid an official visit to NM-AIST on February 7th to explore opportunities for collaboration between the two institutions in which they also had an opportunity to engage in discussion with Prof. Anthony Mshandete, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academic, Research, and Innovation, who represented the Vice-Chancellor.

This visit was in line with the insightful discussions that took place at the NM-AIST Conference Hall, where Prof. Qammer Hussain Abbasi and Prof. Imran Muhammad presented research opportunities available at the University of Glasgow.

These professors specialize in IoT( Internet-of-Things) , Communication Sensing, Wireless, and healthcare (ICT application), and their expertise can greatly contribute to the growth of IoT skills and capacity within the NM-AIST community.

Both parties are considering the possibility of establishing a partnership that could include joint PhD programs, staff mobility, student exchanges, research collaborations, and the commercialization of solutions developed through this collaboration. It is worth noting that Prof. Qammer and Prof. Imran from Glasgow, as well as Prof. Shubi and Prof. Kisangiri from NM-AIST, have been supervising Dr. Michael Mollel, an NM-AIST alumnus who is currently conducting postdoctoral research at the University of Glasgow in the UK.

This visit and potential partnership signify a promising opportunity for both institutions to enhance their academic and research capabilities through collaboration and knowledge exchange.

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