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On November 29th, a delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture paid a visit to the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) to explore potential collaborations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects spearheaded by Dr. Neema Mduma. The primary focus of this initiative is to harness AI tools and technologies aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability, specifically in diagnosing and managing pests and crop diseases in Tanzania.

This visit aligns with the Tanzanian government's growing acknowledgment of the transformative power of emerging technologies like AI within the agricultural sector. AI holds the promise of automating tasks, refining data collection and analysis methods, and generating novel insights crucial for crop yield optimization, as well as effective pest and disease control strategies.

Throughout the visit, Ministry officials engaged with Professor Maulilio Kipanyula, the Vice-Chancellor of NM-AIST, and the proficient team steering the AI project.

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