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The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) is dedicated to promoting gender inclusivity and offering empowering learning opportunities for women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and innovation.

That was said by Vice Chancellor Professor Maulilio Kipanyula during a meeting with SFU International delegates on November 9, 2023.He elaborated on the institution's ongoing hostel construction project, specifically designed with special rooms for breastfeeding mothers to facilitate their studies.

Additionally, Professor Kipanyula underscored NM-AIST's focus on hybrid programs, incorporating exchange initiatives for both staff and students.

On the Simon Fraser University International side, Vice Chancellor Joy Johnson expressed admiration for NM-AIST's Five-Dimension Business Model, encompassing research and innovation, postgraduate training and skills development, outreach and community engagement, incubator management, and commercialization. Johnson conveyed enthusiasm for collaboration in these areas, stating,

"We are impressed with the five-dimension business model. We will explore opportunities for collaboration to make a meaningful impact in the world through science, technology, engineering, and innovation,” said Joy Johnson.

The primary objectives of the visit were to enhance mutual understanding of each institution's strengths, identify key collaboration areas, and establish a comprehensive partnership operational plan.

During the visit, the SFU International delegation toured the NM-AIST campus, visiting the Centres of Excellence, the Library, High-Performance Computing Facilities, the Incubation Centre, Masters Hostels, and the PhD House.

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