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The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology continues to enable those with special needs to get quality education by setting up an enabling environment, including infrastructure.

That said by the representative of the Vice-Chancellor of the Institution, the Dean of the School of Materials, Energy, Water, and Environmental Sciences (MEWES), Professor Kelvin Mtei, during the opening of the CSO Week on October 25, 2023, held at NM-AIST conference hall in Arusha.

Professor Mtei notes that one of the goals of the institution is to encourage girls to study science subjects, through various projects, implemented under World Bank in which the institution has focused on gender equality in the provision of opportunities for study.

On his part, Lecturer Professor Karoli Njau said that the research and innovations carried out by the Nelson Mandela Institution are focused on solving the various challenges faced our society as a way to bring solutions and promote the economy and industries.

He added that, one of the innovations is a technology to treat waste water that is inexpensive and beneficial to society.

The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology will continue to cooperate with the Civil Organisation Society as a way to reach the Tanzanian community and solve existing challenges through a positive mindset and innovative ideas from the institution's experts.

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