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The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology will continue to collaborate with the CRDB Bank to promote and develop innovation in order to increase innovation's ability to penetrate both domestic and international markets.

Speaking in a meeting with the bank's stakeholders today, September 18, 2023, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Maulilio Kipanyula, said that the goal of the institution is to ensure that research that results to innovative reaches the target audience in order to solve the challenges facing society.

Prof. Kipanyula stated, "I want to see our graduates take the lead in helping to create jobs through various ideas, and for them to get there, there must be someone to hold their hand and guide them.

He said that the CRDB Bank is an important stakeholder in achieving that vision through their Imbeju program, which will help prepare an agreement (a Memorandum of Understanding) that will explain how to enable innovators to get the opportunity to bring their innovations to market.

Our institution is research-based with a mission to bring solutions to the challenges facing society for the development of the country and promoting industries." Prof. Kipanyula

In addition, as an institution, we have a plan to establish a "Talent Pool Program" that will support young innovators and give them numerous training options to help them become more economically independent.

For her part, CRDB USA River branch manager Mrs. Getrude Mboya has promised to continue cooperation with Nelson Mandela as an effort to support the vision of the Government of the Sixth Phase under Hon. Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan in promoting and developing industries.

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