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The innovative modified seeds of Ngwara NM-D19 and NM-D20 have been successfully registered by the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, enabling farmers to grow high-quality crops in large quantities and improve the soil.

Dr. Pavitravani Venkataramana, a lecturer and the researcher behind this discovery, reveals in a unique interview that the Ngwara crop was previously disliked because of its bitter flavor, which gave her the opportunity to explore how to make it more appealing to farmers and customers.

“These Ngwara NM-D19 and NM-D20 seeds are the outcome of research done at his university and are able to produce in large quantities, resist droughts, and have palatable flavors” says Dr. Pavitravani

She goes on to say that the seeds have received approval from the Seed Quality Control Institute (TOSCI) and that they have a great ability to fertilize the soil, preserve the life of significant soil-dwelling organisms, and assist in reducing and preventing soil erosion, and conserve water and fertilizer.

The ability of Ngwara to boost milk supply for nursing mothers, hasten the healing of wounds, and aid in the prevention of non-communicable diseases like cancer, according to Dr. Pavitravani.

Along with these health advantages, this crop, particularly the Black Ngwara, has a sizable market in Kenya, a neighboring nation, making it a fantastic potential to boost both the local economy and the nation's overall prosperity.

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