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The Chancellor Hon. Mr. Omari Issa will continue to strengthen the NM-AIST Strategic Plan

The Chancellor , Mr. Omari Issa, has urged that he will continue to strengthen the strategic plan to ensure that the institution continues to be the centre of various research and innovations in enabling industries and society.

Mr. Omari Issa said this during a meeting with staff and academics held on September 1, 2023, in the meeting hall.

In addition, he said that it is important to continue to make the institution a centre of research and innovation by establishing the right ways for creative businesses to reach society and industry and by strengthening cooperation with the private sector.

Likewise, the Chancellor Omari has called on the employees of the institution to be fair and to encourage good and collaborative leadership in order to create a friendly environment through the implementation of daily duties.

On his side, Vice Chancellor of the Institute, Prof. Maulilio Kipanyula, thanked the Chancellor of the Institution, Mr. Omari Issa, for being able to meet with employees to set a vision of how to achieve the goal together.

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