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Representative of the Chairman of the Council Mr. Sylvester Kazi, urged graduates of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology to be professional and fair in exercising their duties by collaborating closely with the community through their professions to bring positive results in developing the country's economy.

Speaking at the Ninth Graduation Ceremony on August 31, 2023, Mr. Sylvester explains that any success in society is based on skills, knowledge, and efforts to ensure that the set goal is achieved.

"I ask you to continue to be good ambassadors by flying the flag of Nelson Mandela well by being the first to use the innovation and research you have done during your studies to solve the various challenges facing society," said Mr. Sylvester Kazi.

On his part, the Chancellor of the Institution, Mr. Omari Issa, has advised women to join in large numbers in higher degrees, including Master's and Doctorate degrees, to bring equal balance for women and men.

"Our main goal as the institution is to ensure that the admission of female students increases more to bring an equal balance between men and women," says Mr. Omar Issa.

And the Vice Chancellor of the Institution, Professor Maulilio Kipanyula, explains that the Nelson Mandela Institution has been at the forefront of conducting research that directly serves society.

"Our institution has an incubation centre that does a great job of incubating various innovations that will also help incubate innovation from the community around us," said Professor Maulili Kipanyula.

A total of 89 graduates have been awarded Master's and Doctorate degrees in the ninth (9) graduation ceremony at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, including 62 Master's degrees and 27 PhDs.

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