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NM-AIST was visited by team from the World Bank led by Dr. Roberta Basset a Global lead for Tertiary Education and Senior Education Specialist and Mr. Mathus Kaboko Education Specialist / Management Specialist with a mission on following up on the implementation of High Education Economic Transformation Project (HEET) and ACE II projects.

The team had an opportunity to have a briefing meeting with the management and HEET committee concerning the implementation of the project at NM-AIST whereby HEET Coordinator Mr. Daniel Fissoo provided a summary of what has been done by HEET at NM-AIST.

After receiving a summary concerning the implementation of HEET project at NM-AIST, Dr. Roberta congratulated the management on how far they have reached and urge the team to work on the timeframe provided by World Bank so as to meet the targeted goal of the first phase of HEET Project.

“NM-AIST ACE II project is the best Centre of Excellence we have in Africa, I hope HEET project will benefit to learn from them how World Bank Project operates," said Dr. Roberta.

The delegates had an opportunity to tour around the Institution through areas which are under HEET Project by visiting the Video Conferencing Halls, Laboratory, and Incubation Centre.

HEET project is a five-year venture worth $425 million (Sh972 billion) that aims to strengthen the learning environment and labor market alignment of priority programs while enhancing the delivery of knowledge to produce graduates who meet the demand and standard of the current and future labor market.

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