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Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts from The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) in collaboration with The University of Dodoma (UDOM) conducted a one-day awareness workshop among the key decision-makers and policymakers from government and private sectors on 29th March 2023 at NM-AIST Conference Hall Tengeru Campus in Arusha.

Speaking during the official opening of the workshop Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic, Research, and Innovation Prof. Antony Mshandate said that a significant number of research activities have been done to solve various social-economic challenges in Tanzania in such a way the community of Artificial Intelligence experts has been growing over the past five years.

He added that Artificial Intelligence comes with promising results for sustainable innovations and solutions that can promote the social and economic well-being of our nation. However, there is less knowledge on awareness of responsible AI

Its roles which are meant to promote good intentions for all its intended users.

"With that view, it becomes a necessity for creating awareness of Artificial Intelligence and its roles in sustainable economic development among the key decision-makers and policymakers from the government and private sectors," said Prof. Mshandete

On His side, UDOM Lecturer and Principle Investigator at AI4D Research Lab Project Dr. Ally Nyamawe said that this workshop aims to bring together Artificial Intelligence experts, decision-makers, and policymakers to clear the existing gap of lack of AI awareness that has been preventing the easy adoption of AI solutions and the development of required frameworks and guidelines that guide the use of AI and its roles in sustainable economic development in Tanzania and Africa at large.

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