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The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) faculty and staff got exposure of how to register and protect their inventions and innovations through a one-day workshop organized by NM-AIST in collaboration with the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA). The workshop took place on Monday June 13th , 2022 in Arusha.

Speaking during the workshop, BRELA's Chief Personnel and Administration Officer Mr. Raphael Mtalima, said that inventors and innovators discover/ innovate their inventions/innovations but they lack skills to protect them and thus do not benefit from the created inventions/innovations.

He said, to facilitate some of the inventors and innovators to gain an understanding of Intellectual Property (IP), BRELA decided to provide training to five different institutions in Arusha Region, including NM-AIST.

"We are empowering designers to realize the importance of continuing their research and innovations and registering with BRELA for future benefit," said Mr. Raphael.

The Director of the Research and Innovation Directorate of NM-AIST, Dr. Edna Makule, said that, the workshop is of great benefit to both researchers and innovators from the Institution. There are various innovations/ inventions produced at NM-AIST that have reached the point of protection, therefore the education provided will help to take further steps in protecting such innovations/ inventions.

A faculty member of NM-AIST, Mr Isaack Kandola, acknowledged both the Institution and BRELA for organizing the workshop and promised to apply the gained knowledge in order to protect his innovation.

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