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On 13th June 2022, the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology hosted Students and Staff of the North Eastern University from Boston United States of America.

The visit, organized through the International Office, aim for exchanging ideas and interacting with NM-AIST staff and students. The visiting team was led by Prof. Auroop Gangly.

The discussions centered on possible collaborative areas to include Environmental Engineering, Biodiversity and ecosystem management , African socio economics Development, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and as well as the effect of Climate Change on peoples life and development.

The Northeastern University Students and Staff further visited the NM-AIST Incubation Centre and they were informed about the research and innovation processes by the Incubation Manager Dr. Angela Mkindi. The Manager explained how the NM-AIST students and staff manage to emerge with innovations to solve challenges facing the society.

Prof. Ganguly concluded that, the exchange program is beneficiary between the two universities as it enables the staff and students to interact with each other on how to forge partnership and collaboration in various research areas.

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