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The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology Vice Chancellor Prof. Emmanuel Luoga urged the new students to work hard in order to attain their goals and contribute towards achieving long term University goals and millennium sustainable goals.

Prof. Luoga said that today on 16th February 2022 during the event of welcoming new students for the academic year 2021-2022 at NM-AIST Conference Hall.

Our University developed to become a world-class institution of higher learning, dedicated to the pursuit and promotion of excellence in Science ,Engineering, Technology and Innovation and its application for economic growth and sustainable development in Tanzania and Sub Saharan Africa said Prof. Luoga.

He added that in embracing University motto academia for society and Industry, NM-AIST is always seeking to avail its high concentration of talents and facilities for the transformation and co-creation of the society and industry in Tanzania and in the Sub-Saharan African region at large.

He Further insisted that students should be a good flag bearers through their behaviors and ethics while are at the University and outside not only for the University but the country and East African Region as a whole.

On His side Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, Research and innovation Prof. Antony Mshandete explained that NM-AIST is a desired institution in responding to problems through Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics linking with research and business.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Planning, Finance and Administration Prof. Charles Lugomela congratulated the new students for making the right choice joining NM-AIST which is a great opportunity for them to learn on how to become problem solver to the society and contribution to industry.

New students were introduced to Deans ,University management and administration and they had the opportunity to know the history behind the establishment of The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology.

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