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Prof. Askwar Hamanjida Hilonga(PhD)
  • School: Materials, Energy, Water and Environmental Sciences (MEWES)
  • Department:
  • Orcid ID: 0000-0002-2938-5149
  • Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=3KhcgHkAAAAJ&hl=en
  • Research Gate Profile: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Askwar-Hilonga
  • Location: NM-AIST,
    Administration Block,
    Wing Block D, Room 103
  • Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
About Bio Data
  • Associate Professor: School of Materials, Energy, Water and Environmental Sciences (MEWES)
  • Area of Specialization:
    • Nanotechnology (Inventor of Nanofilter)
  • Courses taught:
    • Nanotechnology,
    • Materials Characterization
  • Memberships:
    • Board member, school of MEWES
  • Awards:
    • WHO 2019: awarded for Nanofilter invention; provides clean and safe water to underserved communities
  • Patent / Innovations:
    • Nanomaterials for water purification through Nanofilter®) TZ/P/2015/18
  • Projects (Ongoing):
    • Zero Emission Concepts for Urban Resilience in Selected African Cities (ZECURA),2021-2024: Funded by the German Ministry of Education, Euros 46,583
  • Projects (Phased Out):
    • Adoption of Low-cost sustainable water filters (Nanofilter®) for purifying drinking water at point of use (POU) for underserved community in Arusha Region, 2016-2019: Funded by UK Gov. DFID/HDIF, £350,000
    • Transfer of Low-cost Water Filter Technology from Tanzania to Zambia (SAIS-C2-2019-0752), 2019-2021: Sponsored by Southern Africa Innovation Support (SAIS 2)
    • Leveraging Adoption of Renewable Energy in Rural Tanzania (Cow-dung based biogas) - Sponsored by the People of America through USADF, Tsh.145 m (first grant - 2014-2017); Tsh.279 m (Extended - 2017 - 2020)
    • Training on Entrepreneurship and Business Skills Development for the Biogas Technicians and owners of biogas systems – sponsored by the Government of Tanzania through Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) under Skills Development Fund (SDF), Tsh. 131 m
  • Publications :
  • Other Information:

Prof. Askwar Hilonga (1976) posses 19years experience of working as a researcher, Lecturer/Senior lecturer, Associate Professor, and a project director both in Tanzania and South Korea. At present he works as a Professor at The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology since Feb 2011. Hilonga contributed to enabling a South Korean company, E&B Nanotech Co. Ltd, to be selected as one of the best promising/emerging technologies empowered to enter the American market in 2011. The selection was done under a program conducted by the Gyeonggi Province (Republic of Korea) in conjunction with the University of Texas, at Austin, after vigorous training conducted both in Korea and in the U.S. When living in Korea, Dr. Askwar Hilonga assisted the leadership of the NM-AIST to establish collaborations with nine Korean institutions. Hilonga comes from a very a poor social-economic background being born in Gongali Village – Karatu, Arusha - Tanzania. After graduating Ph.D in 2010, Hilonga is asking himself an ethical question: “what does my Ph.D mean to my community in Tanzania”?
As part of the answer, Hilonga and his wife Ruth Elineema Lukwaro founded a company called Gongali Model Co.Ltd (www.gongalimodel.com) as a spin-off of NM-AIST for innovative activities to empower and IMPACT people’s lives, according to NM-AIST motto of “Academia for Society and Industry”. Hilonga develops products that solve real life challenges and designs business models that make his innovation affordable even to the neediest in the community. The exemplary invention he just made is the low-cost sustainable water filter (Nanofilter®). Hilonga did his Ph.D (Chemical Engineering) at Hanyang University – South Korea (2010); M.Sc. (Chemistry 2007 and BSc.Ed (Chemistry and Biology) 2004 from the University of Dar es Salaam; and MPH (Master of Public Health), Sahmyook University – South Korea (2012).

LINKS for the detailed information about Hilonga’s innovation:
1. BBC News :http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-32973591

2. Detailed articles and photos are available at:
http://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/en/2015/04/article_0005.html AND

3. YouTube Videos:
i. About winning the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

ii. Appearance and how the Nanofilter® works:

ii. Testimony – IMPACT; Happy healthier customer

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