Student Welfare

Students' Welfare (Continue'd)

Students Associations

The NM-AIST oversees the necessity to allow students to form various associations for their own benefits.  This aims at helping students learn social, political, economic issues practically by being given advisory services or guidance from the management through the Department of Students Welfare, thus Students’ associations are operated and organized by students themselves. NM-AIST management can intervene only when it sees there is a situation which endangers peace and tranquillity of the students and the institution at large.

The Nelson Mandela African Institutionof Science and Technology Student’s Organization (NM-AIST-SO) development contributes towards the holistic development of all students. The NM-AIST functions among others are to train and develop student leadership, coordination of student life and events and supporting student governance structures such as the Students Cabinet, Students Representative Council and Students Association Board; thus every student registered at this Institution is automatically a member of NM-AIST-SO association. 

Other Students’ Associations at NM-AIST can be registered only if they have reasonable objectives and number of students who have common interests; goals to be achieved should not conflict with Government Laws, University Students Organization Regulations GN 178/2011, Institution Charter, Students By-Laws and other Institution Rules and Regulations.  In order for any students’ association to operate in this Institution it should present its constitution to the Department of Students Welfare for scrutiny and if it does not breach the said above laws and regulations, it will be registered and legalized by the Institution.

Guidance and Counseling

Students with academic, psychological, social and economic problems receive guidance and counselling through the Department of Students’ Welfare. The department help students to intensify the capacity of taking rational control over their feelings and actions, to impart them with skills, awareness and knowledge to confront social inadequacies and make their life at NM-AIST campus more comfortable.


Students are accessing health services at NM-AIST Dispensary through National Health Insurance Fund. The Dispensary is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm however, there is on campus medical doctor who attends all emergence cases after office hours. Students with more complicated cases are referred to hospitals in Arusha town.