Outreach Projects

Public Services and Outreach (Continue'd)

This project is being monitored and evaluated to determine:

  1. Increase in access to books, resulting changes in knowledge uptake and attitude surrounding gender equality and health, and academic performance.
  2. The level of adoption/use of the e-reader and improvement of reading skills and knowledge base among students and teachers.
  3. Student participation in creative content generation.

The E-Reader project is intended to be up-scaled in magnitude and scope to incorporate four principal components: (1) complementing the traditional books with digital devices with a capacity to literally put in a pupil's and teacher's hands enough literature to fit out a small community library; (2) customization of content in the devices to reflect the needs of each pupil or teacher and dynamic updating with new content at the push of a button; (3) enabling teachers, pupils and communities to enrich the content on the devices to reflect their literary heritage and thereby encouraging local publishing and local organic content development, and (4) enhancement of the friendliness of the memory devices with respect to use, and acquisition and operational costs.

Launch of the E-Reader Project by Hon. Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda, Prime Ministerof United Republic of Tanzania.

The Nelson Mandela SETI Week @ NM-AIST

In memory and honour of the late Nelson Mandela, NM-AIST organizes every year since 2013 a Nelson Mandela SETI Week on the week of the great man's birthday, July 18. The Nelson Mandela SETI Week is being conducted annually under the running theme " Become a Nelson Mandela Change Maker ", as a strategy to bridge the gap between academia on one side and society and industry on the other. On this occasion NM-AIST invites the general public, members of the business community, academic and research institutions as well as schools. The activities carried out during the Nelson Mandela SETI Week include the following:

  1. Public Lectures by renowned scientists and technologists;
  2. A symposium on a selected SETI related theme;
  3. Exhibitions by NM-AISTians (staff and students), the Industry, Research Institutions, Primary and Secondary Schools, and the Civil Society;
  4. Innovation Competitions;
  5. Nelson Mandela Change-Maker Awards for Innovations of various categories;
  6. Science Fair and Nobel Prize Symposium for secondary schools - intended to inspire secondary school students, by presentations that poke into the lives and minds of the Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry, medicines, economics, peace and literature to prove the fact that nothing is beyond the reach of a committed and dedicated mind;
  7. Sports and fanfare.