Outreach Projects

Public Services and Outreach


The core mission of NM-AIST is strongly focused on the need to efficiently and effectively provide external stakeholders with relevant public services, maintaining linkages with industry which quite efficaciously enhance the quality, innovativeness and competitiveness of their products and services. The aim is to ensure that the teaching and learning, research and innovation, and public service programmes of the institution create substantial impact on national and regional socio-economic development. Unquestionably, NM-AIST is committed to contribute to the transformation and co-creation of the society and local industry through proactive engagements. In this regard, efforts are being made to enhance NM-AIST's entrepreneurial capacities and capabilities, industrial and institutional partnerships, and meaningful linkages with all other external stakeholders.

Industrial Partnerships

In line with its Motto of Academia for Society and Industry, NM-AIST sees academia-industry partnerships as key for the realization of its noble Vision and Mission. Thus, the training at NM-AIST is linked to the promotion of the growth and development of the local industry through, among other things, the following activities:Teaching and learning of innovation, IPR and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills.

  1. Responsive research and innovation aimed at developing tangible products, and generating industrial and business solutions.
  2. Identification of business opportunities emanating from students' research- work, and enticing and supporting students and graduates to develop them into real business start-ups.
  3. Development of business plans and facilitation of participation in business plan competitions.
  4. Supporting technology-cum-business incubators on campus, and catalyzing spin-off of start-ups.

Institutional Partnerships

NM-AIST has invested significant energy and efforts in developing institutional partnerships and networks at national, regional and global levels. Partnerships with world-class institutions at global level have been established with a view to taping into the wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience accumulated by such institutions over the years. Lessons learnt from experiences gained in the course of developing such world-class institutions are intended to enable NM-AIST to avoid possible mistakes and strategize how to possibly skip some development stages, and therefore leapfrog to steady state.

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