The School of MEWES (Continue'd)

Academic Departments and Degree Programmes

Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering (SESE)

The SESE Programme provides students with theoretical and practical expertise to conduct cutting-edge research and/or implement and manage various energy systems and policies to solve energy related problems. Students in the programme can specialize in: Sustainable Power Generation and Power Utilization; Renewable Energy Engineering; or Nuclear Power Engineering.

Department of Water and Environmental Science and Engineering (WESE)

The Department of WESE aims to develop and strengthen human resources and institutional capacity in impact-oriented training and research in water resources and environmental management as an entry point towards sustainable management of land, water resources and the environment in Africa. Graduates will gain knowledge and skills to be able to formulate, advocate and influence policies concerning water and environmental management in their context.

WESE department offers Master's and PhD degrees in: Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering (HWRE), Environmental Science and Engineering (EnSE) and Environmental Management Information System (EMIS).

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering (HWRE)

The HWRE programme focuses on surface and groundwater processes, GIS and remote sensing, applied hydrologic modeling, among others

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