Industrial Partners

Industrial Partners

In line with its Motto of Academia for Society and Industry, NM-AIST sees academia-industry partnerships as key for the realization of its noble Vision and Mission. Thus, the training at NM-AIST is linked to the promotion of the growth and development of the local industry through, among other things, the following activities:

  1. Teaching and learning of innovation, IPR and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills.
  2. Responsive research and innovation aimed at developing tangible products, and generating industrial and business solutions.
  3. Identification of business opportunities emanating from students' research- work, and enticing and supporting students and graduates to develop them into real business start-ups.
  4. Development of business plans and facilitation of participation in business plan competitions.
  5. Supporting technology-cum-business incubators on campus, and catalyzing spin-off of start-ups.
S/N Name of Indutrial, NGO or Community Address Nature, Scope &
Title of Collaboration
NM-AIST Schools involved Benefits accruing to NM-AIST
1 HUAWEI P.O. Box 38264, DSM, Tanzania

Student research spornsorship CoCSE Funding
2 TANZICT P.O.Box 38373, Plot No.576
Bagamoyo road, Mbezi Beach D'salaam
Innovation seed funding for prototype development of a "City Navigation Support System" Funding
3 Bioneer, Corporation, Korea Daejeon, Korea Capacity Building LiSBE Equipment support
4 Kijenge Animal Products Ltd. Engutoto, Arusha -Technical cooperation
-Laboratory analysis
Institutional fees
5 Natural Extracts Industries (NEI) NEI Ltd, P.O.Box 7628, Moshi

Fees for services rendered
6 Green Hope Organization P.O.Box 16115, Arusha
Collaboration in Mama Kwanza Project Student research support & supervision
7 Tanzania Poultry Farm Usa River, P.O. Box 2346, Arusha

Diagnostic services for the poultry farm Provision of students practical sites
Source of study samples for students
8 Naliendele Agricultural Research Institute Mtwara Research on cassava processing Research funds & research sites
9 Selian Agricultural Research Institute Arusha Research on agronomy of legumes and cereals. Students research sites
10 Tanzania Seed Agency - Arusha Seed Farm. Arusha Research on drought tolerance of some legumelines / varieties Students research sites.
11 Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TACRI) Lyamungu, Kilimanjaro Research on Use of botanicals for control of bean diseases & pest LiSBE & MEWES Students research fields
12 Banana Investment Ltd Arusha - Waste water treatment system using constructed wetlands
- Reuse of treated water
MEWES Facility being used for student training & research
13 Mwanza City Abbattoir Mwanza Development of Abattoir waste treatment system comprising a biogas digester & constructed wetlands - Participation in solving real problems & need
- Institutional fees
14 Ngurudoto Deflouridation Research Centre Arusha Research in fluoride removal techniques -Students attachment
- Lab services influoride removal
15 Pangani Water Basin Moshi Collaboration in innovative Monitoring & Modelling of Water (iMoMo) Project Students research deployment
16 IUCN Rue Mauverney 28 1196 Gland, Switzerland
17 Ngurudoto Deflouridation Research Centre Arusha Research in fluoride removal techniques - Students attachment
- Lab services influoride removal
18 SIMGAS Moshi Development of biogas constructed wetland systems Research & institutional fees
19 MEATKING Arusha Development of waste water treatment systems Analytical services
20 Kilimanjaro Industrial Development Trust Moshi Development of high voltage Ceramic Insulators Graduate research & business venture
21 Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology Jinju, Korea Development of Ceramic Tiles from Indigineous raw Materials in tanzania Graduate research & business venture
22 Changwon National University Changwon, Korea Motorcycle Manufucturing in Africa Business venture
23 Endallah Village Karatu Development of Sand Dam for water supply & treatment of earthen dam water for domestic use Sites for research experience
24 Floresta - NGO Moshi Ecosystems services on bean fields Student research site
25 SNV Tanzania P.O.Box 3941, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Training on WASH, Agriculture, Value Chain Collaborative work
26 Tanzania Domestic Biogas Programme TDBP Office, c/o CAMARTEC P.O. Box 764, Arusha, Tanzania Biogas Issues Students training & research sites
27 Worldreader 506 2ndAve Suite 180 Seattle WA 98104, USA E-Reader Project for enhancement of Teaching & Learning BuSH Contribution to society
28 Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) Dar es Salaam NM-PPP, Technology Transfer, Innovations Systems and Clustering Initiative    
29 National Housing Corporation Dar es Salaam Staff and Student Housing ReMoI, CIPa, Students Affairs Staff and students accomodation
30 Covenant Bank for Women   Gender Equity   Support of gender and gender mainstreaming
31 IBM Innovation and Enterpreneurship Acceleration BuSH

Development of Enterpreneurship & Business acumen among staff & students
Financial support of Business Plan Competition & Challenge

33 Ericsson International  

List of NM-AIST's Industrial, NGO & Community Partners, as of June 2014