ICT Resource Centre

ICT Resource Centre


The NM-AIST ICT Resource Centre is one among the four structural pillars of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology. It therefore acts as a backbone of the institution in providing the ICT resources required to facilitate teaching and learning, research and innovation in all the four schools of the institution, namely; Life Sciences and Bio-Engineering (LiSBE); Computational and Communication Science and Engineering (CoCSE); Materials, Energy, Water and Environmental Sciences (MEWES); Business Studies and Humanities (BuSH). The centre also facilitates efficient and effective management and administration of the institution.

Objective of ICT Resource Centre

The main objective of ICT Resource Centre at NM-AIST is to enhance the core functions of teaching and learning, research and innovation through application of modern ICT resources and services in serving various targeted groups within and outside the institution, these include; Staff, Student, Academia and the Society, conviniently. Furthermore, through NM-AIST library facilitates, the centre provides computing services to assist researchers address the real life needs and challenges of the society and industry.

Services Offered by ICT Resource Centre

The Centre offers ICT services and support in terms of internet connection, video conference services and support, mail services, portal system (intranet), Application and Management systems [Students, Human Resource, Accounts and Finance], IP Phone services and support and Maintenance of all ICT hardware and software. The whole campus has wireless connection [Administration, Laboratory & Library, Student Centre, Cafeteria, Hostels] and also there is cable network connection in the all buildings, including student's hostels through the support of the optical fiber.