Governance (Continue'd)

(Organization Structure of NM-AIST)

Hon. Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal,
Chancellor of NM-AIST

Hon. Prof. David Homeli Mwakyusa,
Chairman of NM-AIST Council


The Governing Council of NM-AIST was constituted in 2012, and it is the highest decision-making organ for the University. In undertaking its oversight role, the Council has provided guidance to the Management and staff of the Institution throughout the year and ensured that the goals and objectives of NM-AIST are implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Charter and other relevant national laws.

Since its establishment and during the reporting period, NM-AIST has continued to implement its core mandates of training Master's and PhD students, research and innovation, and public service and outreach. During this period, the Council has continued to strengthen the governance and organizational environment of the Institution through approval of various administrative instruments and operational policies including the Staff Training and Development Policy (2014) and Research and Innovation Agenda (2014). Preparation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy, Library Policy, Laboratory Management Policy, Public Engagement Policy and Intellectual Property Policy was initiated and the policies are in advanced stages of preparation. Also, during this period, all Committees of the Council, that is, Senate, Finance Planning and Development Committee, Appointments and Human Resources Management Committee, Audit Committee and Students' Affairs Committee continued to execute their oversight roles for the institution.

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