The School of CoCSE (Continue'd)

Information and Communication Science and Engineering (ICSE)

The Information and Communication Science and Engineering (ICSE) programme is designed to produce competent graduates in modern information and communication technology development and management. The specializations offered are:

  1. Information Technology Systems Development and Management (ITSDM) focusing on the analysis, design, implementation, integration and management of information systems;
  2. Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (ETE) focusing on analogue and digital electronic circuit designs and telecommunications systems.

Graduates of the programme will have the necessary skills to work as:

  1. IT professionals;
  2. IT managers;
  3. Telecommunications professionals;
  4. IT Technology consultants.

Academic Departments and Research Laboratories

The School of CoCSE currently has three (3) departments, namely:

  1. Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences (AMCS);
  2. Information Technology Development and Management (ITDM); and
  3. Communication Science and Engineering (CoSE).

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