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About the Nelson Mandela Library.
The Nelson Mandela Library is a digital resource centre, with about 20% print resources for reference purposes.

Mission statement.
To provide systems, resources and services to enable students, lectures, researchers, workers and visitors to acquire and maintain knowledge and skills.

1. To manage and organize library services to meet the knowledge-based information needs of the NM-AIST 2. To provide readily accessible, authoritative and up to date knowledge based information 3. To provide knowledge-based services, resources and systems based on a needs assessment. Who can use the library? All members of the Institute are members of the library, both staff and students. The members will be issued with an ID card which will be used at all times.

What material does the library have?
The library holds extensive digital collections and a small percentage of print collections. The collections consists of eBooks, print books, Journals, maps, popular magazines, video tapes, audiovisual equipments published both locally and overseas.

Collection Management Policy.
Principles of the Collection Management Policy:

Subject covered must reflect the needs of all areas of specialization of the NM-AIST.

Areas of Specialization
The major areas of specialization are Agriculture, Mineral, Mathematics, Computational, Communication Science and Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Energy; Mining; and Environment and Water.

• The responsibility of managing the collection and determining priorities rests with the Library in consultation with the various schools through their representative library committee member(s) and the Deputy Vice-chancellor for Academics, Research and Innovation.

• The library will aim to electronic formats, with minimal print formats for reference purposes as they remain appropriate to learning, teaching and research. • The library is committed to improving information access by making information available digitally and by offering gateways to electronic information.

• The library seeks to provide and develop easy access to information resources for staff and students in order to meet academic needs.

• Library staff will consult with academic colleagues on the provision of information resources



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